Meet our new Osteopaths Josh and Nick!

Why did you study Osteopathy?


I always had an interest in anatomy and health growing up and went through a big process of deciding what exactly I wanted to do. I looked at everything from Veterinary science to Physio and eventually landed on Osteo mostly due to the diversity of its approach and its emphasis on patient centred care. Like a lot of people that study Osteo, I kind of jumped headfirst into the course only knowing a little of what Osteopathy is. My journey through the program has only strengthened my affinity for the profession and left me more motivated to continue to learn and grow.  

Nick: Osteopathy appealed to me after being treated by one for several years during my competitive years in swimming. I had seen other modalities, but osteopathy stood out in which I had received positive results following treatment. How an osteopath approaches a condition or injury further developed my curiosity and connection to the field as I had not received this approach prior.  This sparked my interest to health and providing patients with information to further their development. With Osteopathy, I enjoy how everyday is a new and exciting day, I get to meet new clients, hear their stories and treat a range of conditions. 

What injury or condition is your favourite to treat and why?


I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to any sort of injury. I love some of the emerging research surrounding tendon injuries and have always had a soft spot for all things neurological. I think if I were to pick one injury, however, it would probably be anything ankle related. I’ve had a lot of ankle injuries and have seen many more in my time treating at footy clubs and I continue to learn from each new person I see with one. They are historically an injury that’s treated with a bit of a cookie-cutter approach but I think that ankles demand a more tailored approach to how they are managed dependant on the exact injury and the individual affected by it.

Nick: I enjoy treating fitness enthusiast as I am a quite passionate about sport and movement myself.  Each consultation allows me to think outside the box and incorporate a range of new ideas.  As a past athlete, shoulder and neck injuries/conditions were a common occurrence. Through this I have developed a strong interest and understanding of them which allows me to provide patients with the best care I can provide. 

What are you looking forward to most in 2019?


I’m looking forward to the challenge and opportunities that come with starting work in a new setting and, particularly with the team at Beyond. I’m looking forward to learning from a team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners across so many disciplines that Beyond has to offer.

Nick: I look forward to kick starting my journey at Beyond. I am very eager to learn from the amazing team I work alongside with and picking their brains on how to continue to help my patients MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

What are your best tips to MOVE THROUGH LIFE this year? 

Josh’s top tips to MOVE THROUGH LIFE:

I always think it’s great to keep things fresh. Trying something new and a little out of your comfort zone is a great way to stay active physically and mentally and a great way to build new relationships. Whether it’s trying a new sport, a team approach to training, setting yourself a challenge or even something as simple as changing a small daily routine like going for a morning walk; it’s hard to overstate the impact that small changes can have on us.

Nick’s top tips to MOVE THROUGH LIFE:

  • Let go of the past. Embrace the future and be in the moment 
  • Help others move forward
  • Change the way you think 
  • Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people 
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