Movember Past Half Way

The mo growers have now passed the half way point and we are really starting to see some bold styles and different levels of mo thickness. Whilst the itchiness has only just begun some of the team are really starting to look like distinguished gentlemen and some maybe a little creepy…but it is all for a good cause and raising awareness around men’s health issues. In particular men should be made aware of the male only cancers, prostate and testicular cancer.

Prostate cancer predominantly affects men over 50 years old, people with a positive family history and males of African and Caribbean ethnicity. Awareness of this condition is important as an average of 9 Australian men a day die from prostate cancer.

There are numerous symptoms that can be associated with prostate cancer that predominantly involves changes in normal urination or normal sexual function. Prostate cancer also has the potential to refer pain to the low back, hips and thighs. It is advisable if you have noticed any changes in your urination habits, sexual function or unexplained pain to consult your GP to discuss your symptoms and gain further information on current testing protocols.

Another male only cancer is testicular cancer. Unlike prostate cancer, testicular cancer mostly affects the younger male population with it being the second most common cancer in males between the ages of 18 – 39 years old. Testicular cancer is highly treatable and whilst there isn’t any official testing or screening guidelines, men are encourage to do a self examination and note any changes such as lumps, swelling and painful areas. The best thing to do is to get a feel for what is normal and note any changes. If you do find any changes or are concerned you should consult GP as soon as you can.

As osteopaths, myotherapists and podiatrsts we do not treat these conditions at Beyond but as healthcare practitioners we want people to be healthy and knowledgeable about their whole body, not just their musculoskeletal system.

For further information on prostate cancer and testicular cancer please follow the links below:

Also if you would like to donate to our Movemeber team please follow the link below:

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