Nick McEnriy Working With The Windsor Community

As an Osteopath I have worked in Windsor for over nine years and loved being able to be part of the journey to help my patients Move Through Life and see them achieving their goals.

One of the main highlights of working with the local community is seeing how the right treatment can benefit local sportspeople who are focused on maintaining their health and wellbeing. When I work with leaders in the fitness community, such as a head personal trainer or coaches of the local running club, I see how their dedication and commitment to treatment can inspire others around them. A true highlight for me is helping dedicated active patients take back control of their injuries to achieve their local sporting goals, and work with them to provide the tools to go beyond the treatment room and get back out into their own communities doing what they are most passionate about.

A strong connection with the local community means strong referral networks. Not only is it critical we provide the best treatment possible so we can get recommendations to help others in the community, but it’s also much easier for people within the community to get the treatment they need faster, knowing they have someone they can trust. As a senior practitioner, the most meaningful thing to me is being able to take a holistic approach to the patient’s injury.  I can work with their trainers/coaches to achieve the results the client is after, while incorporating the club’s training plans and events to help maintain motivation. Success is then shared between coach and patient. Empowering patients to take back what they have lost due to injury or pain is a very rewarding outcome and it’s great to have this shared amongst people in the community.

Beyond gives back through the community through injury education and a multidisciplinary approach encompassing Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Podiatry and Clinical Pilates all offered within the Beyond walls. We’re a one-stop shop run by people who love health, fitness and wellbeing. We are passionate about what we do and all have some form of community involvement through our sporting endeavours. Our extensive referral networks with local sports physicians and doctors help us complete the full patient experience, ensuring we are able to share our patients’ journeys through from beginning to end.

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