Nick Q and A On Cycling

If you are lucky enough to have met our Senior Osteopath Nick McEniry, you would know he is passionate about cycling and more importantly the bikes that come with it! Nick took the time to share with us some insights into why he loves travelling around on 2 wheels……

  1. How much do you train during the week?

This can vary depending on the weather. The colder months see the training head indoors and less time spent cycling. On average I would cycle 5-6 days a week, anywhere between 10 -18 hours per week.

  1. Can you give us a tip for indoor cycling classes??

Rope a friend in to join you to make you accountable to turn up. Also get there early enough to set your bike up so that it fits. This will help avoid overuse injuries.

  1. Why did you get into cycling?

I’m not sure what made me get into cycling in the beginning. It’s just something I’ve always done. Over the years I’ve ridden a range of different bikes that includes Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Time trial bikes and even Track bikes. The different disciplines of cycling introduce you to different environments, from dodging tree branches and ruts in the road of mountain biking to flying down the banks of the velodrome. I wouldn’t say i prefer one over the other as they are all great for their own reasons. I do however spend most of my time on the road bike. Purely out of convenience. I can grab the bike and be out the door in minutes!

  1. What’s your favourite part about cycling?

The place it takes you. It’s a great way to explore a town as you can travel and see more than you would on foot. The scenery you get to see is also one of the greatest things about cycling.

I’ve competed in all disciplines of cycling too, to date my most memorable achievement would be finishing the melbourne to warrnambool race. This is single day race over 260 km.

I’ve also been lucky enough to watch the worlds biggest bike race the tour de france from the side of the road on Alpe d’Heuz. This was an incredible day watching the athletes race this stage.

  1. Have you had an injuries and what have you done to get over those injuries?

I’ve been pretty lucky with cycling and not had any many injuries. The worst was probably a sprained Acromioclavicular joint (also known as the AC joint and is a joint at the top of the shoulder), vertebral fracture (suspected) and concussion, from a high speed crash on descent at about 90km/h. As I always tell people, one of the great things about cycling is that it’s low impact on the body. However, when you have any impact it is usually pretty big!

  1. What tips would you give to someone wanting to start cycling?

Start out early in life, ride with friends and let the passion for it take you to wherever you want to go. Also, be sure to make sure you are aware of your surroundings when riding.

  1. Who is your favourite cyclist and why?

At the moment it would be Peter Sagan. Peter is very charismatic and a great sports person who never gives up and just seems to really enjoy what he does.

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