Practitioner profile – Caitlyn

Our Osteopath Caitlyn Alifraco tells us a little bit about herself and her passion for netball. Caitlyn has great experience personally and professionally helping netballers MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

How long have you been playing netball?

I’ve been playing netball since I was 7 years old, starting in Netta and have never looked back.

Have you been injured playing netball?

Thankfully, I’ve had no major injuries whilst playing netball. I’ve had recurrent minor ankle sprains and foot injuries and the occasional low back pain. I suffered from Sever’s disease when I was in later primary school and found a great Podiatrist who helped me offload my achilles and strengthen the muscles I needed to continue to play, hassle free. I also found an amazing Osteopath, who I saw every couple of months to help keep my body in check to continue my journey and play my best.

Why do you like treating netballers?

I enjoy treating netballers because I can relate to many of their injuries. I’ve witnessed quite a lot of injuries and know how devastating it can be. We all work so hard to play our best and when injuries happen, it can feel like it was all for nothing. I get a lot of enjoyment knowing I can help netballers, or any other sportsperson, of all levels get back on court and playing their best.

What position do you play?

WA and C

What’s your tip for any young netballers that want to make the next level?

My tips for any young netballer is to work hard and look after your body. Make sure you’re staying as fit as you can and most of all, enjoy the sport and the process. Listen to your body and don’t push through injury because your body won’t like you for it later. Seek a good Osteopath or Myotherapist and Podiatrist who can help you with your journey and keep your body in prime condition.

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