Private Health – How Does It Work?

Our reception team at Beyond often get asked about how private health insurance works. Can I claim at Beyond? What will I be covered for? How much will I get back?


  1. How do I claim private health insurance at Beyond? If you have extras that cover the service you are having at Beyond ie Osteopathic treatment or Exercise Physiology, you are able to easily claim this service at Beyond. We have a Hicaps machine which means the rebate is discounted from the cost of the treatment on the spot, leaving you to pay the gap. If you have extras but don’t have your card with you, we are able to provide you with an invoice so you can claim directly from your private health insurance company.
  2. How much will I get back? Each private health insurance company sets up their Plugins extras slightly differently. Some companies have a pool of allowed rebates for all services or groups of services and some have certain amounts for each health profession. The amount you get back also varies, you might get a set amount or a percentage of the treatment cost back. The best thing to do is call your company directly to work out what and how much is covered.
  3. What am I covered for? This will depend on your private health insurance company and what level of extras cover you have. For example, your extras cover may include osteopathic and remedial massage treatment however if you’d like podiatry and exercise physiology coverage you may have to change which level of cover you have to include these services. Once again, each company divides their levels of coverage differently, we advise researching the companies directly to decide which cover will best support your needs.
  4. Can I use Medicare for treatments? Our treatments at Beyond are not covered by Medicare. There are some instances where your GP will refer you to one of our practitioners under a Chronic Disease Management program (CDM). A CDM entitles you to up to five treatments subsidised by medicare. You will need to pay the full consultation fee at the time of treatment. We are often able to reimburse you immediately using the Hicaps machine, otherwise you can claim directly through Medicare.









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