Pilates For Golf In Manhattan New York

In late May I completed a Pilates for Golf seminar in Manhattan New York. The course went for two and a half days and was based at the Waldorf Astoria and Chelsea Heights Golf club driving range on Manhattan Island. The course focused on the fundamentals of the golf swing and what muscles need to be strengthened and stabilized to help achieve greater golfing results and reduce injury.

 Golf is a tough game that involves walking up to a small ball and using nearly every muscle in our body to explosively, in a controlled manner, hit the ball a certain distance and direction. The golf swing uses all different types of muscular contraction to control speed, force and accuracy. If there is a weak muscular link in the chain of our golf swing it can cause injury and more frustratingly poor golf shots. The idea behind pilates for golf is to work on the deep stabilizing muscles of the entire body, balance and flexibility to decrease errors and injuries.

 We did practical work at the Chelsea Heights golf club driving range, putting our golfing pilates principals into practice.  The driving range is on the banks of the Hudson River and is featured in a lot of Hollywood films.  One of the great features of the driving range is an automatic ball machine that delivers the ball straight onto the mat for hitting, whilst this may seem like a ‘lazy’ feature it certainly helps prevent low back injuries.

I learnt a lot of new stretches and exercises that can be done specifically before, during and after a golf game whilst at the course. We also applied the theory of golf to different pilates exercises that can be done on the trapeze table, reformer and mat work during clinical pilates classes.

If you are interested in learning more about clinical pilates or specifically clinical pilates for golf please feel free to call the clinic on 9818 -7738.