What Happens In Pilates, Doesn’t Stay In Pilates

Have you ever watched a talent show and thought “Gee wizz. I wish I could bend so far back that I could suck my own big toe!” No? Me neither. But here are some examples of goals which we, here at Beyond, see day to day:

  • Touch your toes
  • Comfortably do a head check in the car
  • Sit cross legged
  • Improve your posture
  • Participate in group fitness classes (spin, body pump, zumba)
  • Run 5km and be able to move comfortably the next day
  • Do a triathlon
  • Play with your kids or grandkids on the floor
  • Enjoy your hobbies without pain – eg. golf, tennis, running, cycling
  • Improve general health and well being

Regardless of how big, small or crazy your goals towards better health and well being may be, Pilates can help you to achieve them.

Interestingly, when Joseph Pilates first developed the Pilates method it was named, “Contrology”. He named it such, as it reflected his method of body conditioning which calls upon the connection of the body and mind. The ability of an individual to control one or multiple body parts at any given time, during any given activity truly reflects the strength of the connection between their mind and their body. This explains why a lot of clients leave their session feeling like they’ve had brain training!

Pilates based exercises are designed to work muscles that have over time, become seemingly redundant. In these cases, clients will often present with some level of dysfunction whether it be pain, stiffness, poor posture, an inability to perform a simple OR complex activity that they used to be able to do or, want to do. Pilates exercises are performed in controlled manner, allowing activation and eventual strengthening of those ‘redundant’ muscles which do in fact have very important roles in order for the body to function efficiently.

Not only does Pilates strengthen your body bringing you physically closer to your goals, it also strengthens the connection between your mind and body allowing you to take control of your movement, giving you the confidence to do anything that your body asks of you, or that you ask of your body. By partaking in regular pilates practice your body awareness increases, therefore resulting in a better understanding of your physical being.

The exercises you do are specifically picked for you by your practitioner to be functional for your goals. Simply put, if you want to run we will design your program to strengthen the muscles and increase the mobility through the joints required for running. Part of your program will include exercises which focus on specific components of running as well as other exercises, which will aim to closely mimic the running gait in its entirety. This aims to leave the client feeling totally confident when it comes time to go for a run outside, as they have already done it all in the pilates studio!

pilates touching toes
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