Tips for getting back into your workout routine now that Winter is over…

Good bye Winter, Hello Glorious Spring!


Set yourself some goals!

A good way to start is by setting yourself some small achievable work out goals, to ease yourself back into training or setting yourself a schedule for the week may help.  

Some ideas for these might be:

  • Setting  yourself a seven minute routine involving small bursts of high intensity to do daily after a quick jog or brisk walk around the block.
  • You could also set yourself shorter half hour workouts at the gym  3 days a week (or every second day) with a mixture of light cardio and light resistance exercise.

When it comes to working out the body responds to consistency over time and results happen faster if you can stick to a routine.


Fuel yourself up properly!

Eating a well balanced diet, and making sure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals you need, will aid you on your journey back into health and well being. It will help you with energy and some minerals and supplements such as magnesium will aid you in muscle soreness and recovery after workouts.


Get yourself Ready to Rumble!

Make it easy for yourself and leave your gym gear laid out ready to go in the mornings or be prepared and have your gym bag packed ready to go!


Buddy Up!

There’s no better way to help with motivation than having a gym buddy to    help you keep on track with your workout routine.         


Don’t overdo it straight away!

Take it easy on yourself, and ease into it with some smaller workouts at the beginning to avoid any injuries and reduce post exercise soreness. Slow things down and focus on your form.  Increase your workouts frequency, intensity and duration as you are improving.  Good warm ups and cool downs are essential! Cool downs can help you reduce soreness and aid your muscles in recovering faster so you can be ready to get back out there again quicker!


Mix it up!

Alternate your workout days with recovery days to focus on some stretching, self massage into trigger points and releasing your muscles. Depending how long you have been away from activity, your muscles can become more tense and inflexible with inactivity. You may predispose yourself to injury without proper warm ups and cool downs if you try to overdo it coming back into exercise.  Another great tip is to enjoy an epsom salt bath every other day in between your workout routine while the weather is still cool and fresh to do so.


Enjoy your days off!

Don’t forget that your rest days are essential! Your body needs time to recover in between sessions. Why not book in an osteopathy or myotherapy session to help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

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