Education & Rehab

Knee Rehabilitation: Strength Phase (30 mins)

Mid-level strengthening exercises for the muscles that move and support the knee. Great for those looking to overcome knee pain and preparation for more dynamic activities.

Equipment – Stable chair, foam roller, band (optional)

Knee Rehabilitation: Jumping and Landing Phase (20min)

High-level rehab for those with good leg strength and preparing to return to dynamic, high intensity exercise that involves jumping and landing. Exercises: Double leg forward jump to landing, 2×10. Double leg forward jump to landing. 2×10. – Double leg lateral jump to landing, 2×10 (5 each side). Single leg hop, 2×10. Sit-to-box jump, 3×10. Altitude landings, 2×10. Depth jumps, 2×10

Equipment – Step

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