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Physiotherapy, helping you move through life and feel well! Located just near the heart of Hawthorn, just on Burwood Rd, Beyond Physiotherapy is here to help you move through life!

Physiotherapists are University qualified Allied Health Professionals that study, on average, 4 years and qualify with a Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree. They work with clients of all ages and with a variety of conditions. If you have any musculoskeletal injuries whether these are from sporting, work-related, postural, chronic pain, or just age-related we are here to help you.

Our physiotherapists are skilled in assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, exercise prescription, diagnosis, and management of injuries to help you achieve your health goals. Physiotherapists are also trained in helping clients through their pre and post-operative programs when it comes to orthopedic surgery. 

Conditions our Physiotherapists work with

At Beyond we provide physiotherapy for a wide range of conditions and for clients of all ages. Our physios often see clients that have:

  • Chronic pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tendinopathies
  • Ligament strains or tears
  • Muscular strains of tears
  • Sporting injuries
  • Back pain
  • Pre & Post Natal conditions
  • Neurological conditions

Physiotherapists are trained in manual therapy (hands-on therapy) as well as rehabilitation programming to help you get pain-free, feeling well, and back to what you love doing. They may prescribe exercise to help you recover from your injury. We use a program called Physiapp which is a free App that our clients download. Physiapp stores all of the exercises that your physio has prescribed so you don’t have to remember your home program by heart. Each exercise has a video, description of how many sets and reps you need to do that helps you participate in your rehabilitation program as effectively as possible.

Setting goals with our clients is really important to make sure we can create the best management plan for you and your condition. We help our clients achieve health goals like reducing pain, completing a half marathon, playing golf, and lifting the grandchildren. Your Physio will discuss how we can specifically and functionally get to your goals. 

Your Physio may also suggest a referral, if appropriate, to another allied health profession  such as a myotherapy, exercise physiology, remedial massage to work in the exercise studio or treatment room to maximise your recovery and progress.

Pre & Post Operative Care

We provide Physiotherapy pre and post-operative care at our Physiotherapy clinic. Our physios are trained in helping prepare you for any upcoming orthopedic surgeries to make sure you have the best recovery possible. Post surgery, you will normally have some in-hospital physio that sets you up for the first few days. Once you have clearance from your surgeon you can begin your intensive physio post-operative care program with one of our skilled practitioners. We like to work with your surgeon to make sure we get the best outcomes for you.

During your post-operative time, you may require both hands-on treatment and exercise prescription and progression. Treatments may include a combination of time in our gym and also in the treatment room. We can provide tools for you to use at home to help with your rehabilitation, such as theraband, spikey ball, heat packs, or foam rollers. Depending on your goals, you may also like to invest in some small weights during this period.

Clinical Pliates

Many of our physiotherapists are trained in clinical Pilates which is a gentle form of clinical exercise that may help reduce pain, improve function and help strengthen muscles to aid in your recovery. Most commonly known for helping people with back pain. Participating in clinical pilates may form part of your treatment plan, this is something your physio will discuss with you if appropriate.

Clinical Pilates consist of small group classes that are taught by a physiotherapist or other Allied Health Practitioner. Each individual has an individually tailored program based on their clinical exercise needs supervised by a practitioner. Our classes are called “clinical class (Pilates style)” and you may be able to claim these sessions on your Private Health Insurance if your class is taught by a physiotherapist. Please check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible.

Sports Injuries

Our physios all have experience in working with athletes in various sporting fields. Sporting injuries are the bread and butter of the Physiotherapy profession. Our physios will be able to assess, diagnose, treat, or refer on for the best outcomes for your sporting injury. One thing we pride ourselves on at Beyond is communicating with sporting coaches on how to best keep an athlete safe, in training, and competing whilst managing an injury. This may require load management, technique assessment, specific injury rehabilitation protocols for that athlete. Working as a team we want to keep athletes doing what they love!

Our sports physios work with a number of school sports teams and clubs and offer injury screening services for pre-season, in-season injury management, and postseason planning to help reduce risk and chance of injury.

Pre & Post Natal

During pregnancy, the body can be susceptible to specific conditions such as pelvic girdle pain which is caused by the changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy. Physiotherapists work with women during pregnancy to help manage and reduce the symptoms of this condition.

At our clinic, we also offer real-time ultrasound which helps us assess pelvic floor contraction, strength and endurance. Pelvic floor issues can arise during pregnancy and also post-pregnancy. This is an important part of a woman’s health that can often cause a great deal of stress to women. Our physios can assess your pelvic floor and either work with you at regaining confidence and strength or if required refer you to a specialist.

Book an appointment at our Physiotherapy Clinic, or see availabilities with our physiotherapists here
Contact our clinic on 9818 7738 or hawthorn@movebeyond.com.au, 300 Burwood Rd Hawthorn Vic 3123. We also offer services to surrounding suburbs such as South Yarra, Richmond and Kew.


How long does my initial physio appointment go for?

Initial assessment 60 minutes, this includes a medical and physical assessment, treatment and the provision of a management plan.

How many physio treatments will I need?

Almost all clients will need a follow up treatment to help shape their management program and check diagnosis and progress to ensure we help you achieve your goals. Your practitioner will explain what to expect in terms of timelines for your injury or condition to heal and how many appointments you may need to reach your health goals.

What should I wear to my physio appointment?

Wear comfortable clothes to your first appointment

I have Private Health Insurance, can I claim for physio?

You can claim PHI on the day of your appointment. Please check with your health insurance to see if you are covered for physio.

How much does physio cost at Beyond Hawthorn?

Our Initial 60 minutes assessment cost is $135. Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes and are $115.

Opening hours at Beyond Hawthorn

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday (7 am-7.30 pm) and Saturdays (8 am-1 pm). If these times are inconvenient for you, please contact our clinic and we can hopefully find a solution that helps you get the best health care possible

Where can I park?

Burwood road has plenty of parks along it, please read the signs for clearway times. There is also parking at the rear of Coles and the Hawthorn Aquatic centre which, is a short walk away (the first hour of parking is free, please check

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