How can Exercise Physiology help your Sports Performance?


Everyone has that moment during a sporting game when you know you are “on”. When every movement is effortless and playing the game feels like second nature. It’s something that elite athletes strive for and those of us who are more of a casual sport player hope happens more often during a game then not. However, performing at your peak isn’t something that comes down to luck but begins with a tailored and individualised exercise approach.

When it comes to playing sport, every sport is vastly different in the amount and type of physical demand that is placed on the body. Some sports like long distance running require a high level of fitness, muscle strength and endurance; whilst other sports like golf require a high level of core strength and control as well as back and hip mobility to ensure a strong and accurate swing. To ensure peak performance athletes will follow an individualised exercise program that incorporates strength and fitness, injury prevention, and sport specific exercises that consider the demands of the sport on the body. This is where an Exercise Physiologist may be able to help!

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Exercise Physiology is the study of the human body’s response to exercise and how the body and organs such as heart, lungs and muscles adapt to ongoing exercise. Exercise Physiologist’s are 4-year university degree qualified professionals who specialise in exercise prescription for improving sports performance, overall health and fitness, rehabilitation of injuries or chronic diseases and injury prevention. They are specialists in movement analysis, and developing tailored exercise programs to achieve an individual’s exercise goals.

How can an Exercise Physiologist help improve my performance?

Exercise Physiologists utilise their knowledge and skills in this area to develop a targeted program that results in a top performance for the athlete or ensuring a peak performance over a season. Ensuring an athlete is in top physical condition isn’t just important for determining the outcome of a game but is also vital for minimising the risk of injury, which is as vital for the elite athlete as it is for those playing a Saturday morning golf game against friends.  

How can I improve my sports performance using exercise physiology?

We have a dedicated Exercise Physiology team at Beyond who are passionate about helping individuals achieving their best in their sport. The Exercise Physiologists will complete a comprehensive assessment taking into consideration your goals, previous injuries or health conditions and complete a movement analysis to allow them to create a individualised program specific to you.

Whether it’s an individual or group exercise class that best suit your needs, our Exercise Physiologists are able to provide a detailed program to help you achieve your sporting goals and best performance yet! Come down and meet Natalie, Nick or Jacinta today so see how they can help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

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