Ways To Avoid Back Pain During Long Car Trips

With the holidays approaching it is a great time to take some much needed time out and many of us brave the roads for long periods of time to reach our holiday destinations. Whether you are the driver or a happy passenger, long car rides may cause back discomfort and pain.

Follow some of these handy tips to help decrease and avoid back pain during your trip:

1. Set your space up properly – It only takes a few extra minutes at the start of your trip, but setting your space up properly is important, especially if you will be driving for a longer period of time.

Set your headrest at a height, which will allow you to comfortably lay your head against it, without changing your eye height. Adjust the seat height and carriage so that you are close enough to your steering wheel that you don’t have to reach to touch it but your legs are not cramped. Your legs should rest comfortably with your knees at a slightly higher height then your hips.

2. Get comfortable straight away – There’s nothing worse then beginning a car trip, only to realise that you are uncomfortable and now cannot do anything about it! Avoid this by:

Placing a rolled towel between the arch of your low back and the car seat if you are prone to low back pain. You should be sitting so that your hips and low back contact the back of your seat and the rolled towel comfortably. Empty pant pockets of items such as wallets and phones, especially the back pocket of your pants!

3. Make rest stops along the way – Sitting in one spot for long periods of time usually makes majority of us feel uncomfortable. Planning rest stops is a simple way of avoiding back pain.

Utilise these stops to move your back, arms and legs. Walking around the car a few times and a few simple back stretches are also a great idea.

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