Ocean Grove Pilates

Ocean Grove Pilates

Pilates, helping you move through life!

Located in the heart of Ocean Grove opposite the Coles Car Park, a stone’s throw from The Terrace, Beyond Pilates is here to help you move through life!

We work with clients of all ages and ability to help achieve their health goals! If you want to improve your core stability, reduce your risk of injury, help with posture, flexibility and muscle tone why not try Clinical Pilates?

We work with clients of all ages and injuries, or if you just want pilates to be part of your health routine we can cater for you. 

Our practitioners are also skilled in Pre and Post Natal Pilates. Read more here.


Our allied health lead pilates classes are small group with a maximum of four in a class.  When you participate in a class your practitioner will guide you through your individualised program that aligns with your goals.

We are open Monday-Saturday and have plenty of after hours classes for your convenience.

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Or call us on 5255 3411


  • Initial assessment is 60 minutes, this includes a medical and physical assessment, and real time ultrasound of your core muscles. From here you may join in a class or need more individual sessions before starting your classes.
  • We find the best results are when you commit to a regular class for a minimum of 10 weeks
  • Wear comfortable clothes to your first appointment
  • Our Initial 60 minutes assessment cost is $100
  • Classes range from $40-$46 depending on which package you purchase.
  • Classes are 60 minutes

Ocean Grove Services

Our Practitioners
Dr Catherine Allison
Registered Osteopath
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Cat Allison
Chloe Douglas
Registered Exercise Physiologist
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Chloe Douglas
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