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Our osteopath Dr Nick McEniry recently travelled to Mumbai, India, to work alongside an orthopaedic surgeon to help achieve better patient outcomes post knee and hip surgeries. In this blog post, Nick tells us about this wonderful experience and opportunity.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to India to work in a private medical clinic alongside orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists.This was a great experience to work in collaboration with the orthopaedic surgeons and the physiotherapists in a hospital setting, something that is not done in Australia.

The program was started by Dr Jeffrey Morrison an osteopath from Sydney and Dr Anant Joshi an orthopaedic surgeon from India who, specialises in Knee surgery. Dr Joshi, interest in Osteopathy started when he was working with the Indian cricket team and was informed about osteopaths and the work they do by an Australian cricketing great, Dennis Lillie. Since Dr. Joshi’s time with the Indian cricket team he has always wanted to collaborate along side osteopaths as part of the management for his patients. This dream became a reality after meeting Dr Morrison by chance when they were both staying at the same hotel in India.
Fast forward a few years to the present and Dr. Joshi, has his own private clinic located in Mumbai, which fulfills this dream.

I was invited to work at the Mumbai clinic after meeting Jeffrey who spoke at a weekend conference I had attended this year. This involved a placement for two weeks at the end of October in Mumbai.

During the placement I would spend the first half of the day doing standard “osteo” work, treating patients that had previously been through the clinic and people from surrounding suburbs that had heard about osteopathy and required treatment for their musculoskeletal complaints.

The second half of my day involved treating patients again, but also going in with Dr. Joshi as he consulted his patients pre and post operatively. I would offer my advice as to whether or not I thought osteopathy could help them. If so, I would then take them back to the treating room and treat them. It was a great experience to watch and learn how surgeons go about their consults as it is not something we are not usually exposed to as osteopaths.

I was also able to observe a knee ACL operation while I was there. This provided great insight into what happens inside the operating theatre and how a ACL is repaired, this was amazing. It really highlighted for me that the body has a great ability to heal itself when given the right opportunity to do so.

Working in collaboration with other health professionals to provide better patient outcomes was an invaluable experience and one that I would like to see take off back here in Australia.


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