Tips For The Spring Carnival

Our Myotherapist Joel Olsen gives three ‘tips’ for race goers:

It’s that time of the year again where Melbournians embrace the Spring Racing Carnival.Whether it be for some social time with friends, corporate attendance or a fun day out with the family, it can be a tough day on our bodies and for some, their heads!

As a Myotherapist at Beyond, I often see an increase of lower leg, hip and back issues throughout this period due to unaccustomed long days of standing.

Here are my top 3 race tips:

1. Wear comfortable foot wear

  • Gents: add an innersole to give a little more cushion to your feet, which will help with your knees and hips, and your feet will thankyou come the end of day.
  • Ladies: Try to decrease the height of your heel a fraction or even better, wear a wedge as they offer more support through the entire foot.

2. Enjoy a nice glass of water

  • As most of us enjoy a little bit of over indulging with alcohol during these days, it’s important to have regular periods of drinking water.
  • For every 2 hours of drinking, try to have 30 minutes alcohol free/ water time, your muscles & your head will thankyou for this the following day, as hydration is important to a well-functioning body.

3. Check your tips “sitting”

  • Remember that it’s a long day of standing, so find a comfortable spot to have a seat and rest your back, hips and calves, this will take the pressure of your lower back muscle stabilisers and allow them some rest too.

These 3 tips are a ‘sure thing’ for all race days, so get behind them and enjoy a full day of winning. Enjoy Responsibly and “Move through Life”

Joel Olsen

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