St Kilda Osteopathy Myotherapy Pilates Podiatry

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St Kilda Osteopathy Myotherapy Pilates Podiatry

Are you looking for an Osteopath, Myotherapist, Podiatrist or Pilates studio in St Kilda? Beyond Windsor is located at Empire Place, 174a Peel Street in Windsor, directly opposite Windsor Station. Access to this end of Chapel Street is simple. If you are coming from the city, take Kings Way into Queens Road which turns into Dandenong Road.

Turn left onto Chapel Street and then left onto Peel Street. If you are coming from the east, it is easiest to travel down Dandenong Road and turn right into Chapel Street.


Services Available



Osteopaths are 5 year university trained in the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders.



Myotherapy is assessment and treatment of muscular pain. Myotherapists can help to increase daily movement and decrease pain.

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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates can be used in helping treat and, most importantly, prevent back pain, neck pain shoulder and arm pain, and hip and knee pain.


Bike Fit

Is the process of fitting an individual to their bike, by having a look at a person’s individual skeletal measurements, flexibility, injury history and dimensions of their bike.


Babies & Pregnancy

Gentle osteopathic treatment, myotherapy/massage and/or clinical pilates can be used to help treat babies and children and women during pregnancy.



Podiatrists are highly trained professionals dealig with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of of the feet and lower limbs.

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Real Time Ultrasound

Have you every been told to ‘turn your core muscles on’ and not really been sure what that means or what it feels like. Real Time Ultrasound can help.