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Beyond bike fit

What is bike fit?

Bike fit is the process of fitting an individual to their bike. At our clinic this is done by having a look at a person’s individual skeletal measurements, flexibility, injury history as well as the measurements and dimensions of their bike.

By factoring in these conditions it allows us to create a bike position that is best suited to that rider with the intention of injury minimisation, increased efficiency and speed.

Why see an Osteopath for a bike fit?

Being 5 years university trained we have an extensive understanding of biomechanics and injuries as well as being cyclists/triathletes ourselves. Having an ‘overall’ approach to injury, dysfunction rehabilitation, and what angles makes for efficient biomechancis gives us a unique ability to fit a bike to the individual.

Why have a bike fit?

With the aim of riding longer, faster more efficiently with less discomfort.

What can I expect from my bike fit?

2 x 1hr appointments

Session One

You will undergo a musculoskeletal screen and basic case history to assess your mobility, flexibility, and cycling goals.

We will get you cycling on a wind-trainer (on your own bike) to assess your current position and technique. This will help us identify areas that may be causing you pain, problems on the bike or reducing your bike speed.It may be recommended that areas of dysfunction be addressed before your bike fit. This will allow an uncompensated set up of you on the bike.

Exercises and stretches may be given to help you improve any muscle imbalances and improve areasof dysfunction that maybe limiting your cycling. We will take measurements to determine your bike setup. We will make notes of your cycling and video your posture/technique.

Sessions Two

During the second consultation of bike fit, we will make all the necessary changes and re assess your position. This may include changes to your seat height, seat position, handlebar height and cleat position.

This will optimise your bike position. We will also assess your cycling technique and make adjustments to your movements and posture as we see fit.

What will you leave with?

  • A comprehensive bike adjustment specific to your posture/body.
  • Before and after video footage Stretches/Advice given to help reduce any current injuries/tightness.
  • A significant discount on our impressive looking and quality cycling/triathlon gear!
Dr Shane Bennett
Registered Osteopath
dr shane bennett
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