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Clinical Pilates For Pre And Post Natal

//Clinical Pilates For Pre And Post Natal

Clinical Pilates For Pre And Post Natal

Clinical pilates is an excellent and safe form of exercise during all stages of pregnancy. At Beyond, before starting clinical pilates classes we do a full postural and strength assessment, this includes an abdominal ultrasound of the pelvic floor and ‘core muscle’ transverse abdominus which can have monumental benefits during and after pregnancy. We are able to perform this ultrasound at any stage of pregnancy.

Participating in clinical pilates during pregnancy helps promote stability of the pelvis and strengthens the deep spinal muscles which can potentially help reduce the risk of back related pain during pregnancy. Clinical pilates can assist in pelvic floor strength and function in turn helping you for an optimal delivery and recovery post pregnancy.

Once you had had your baby it will depend on how you delivered ie C-section or natural birth as to when you can return to Clinical Pilates. Your birthing history is taken into full account when returning to clinical pilates. It is a great way to regain strength to your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor whilst also supporting all the new muscles you will be using when looking after your newborn.

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