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Clinical Pilates Process

Step 1
Initial Assessment

Your Clinical Pilates journey at Beyond begins with a 45 minute initial consultation with one of our experienced clinical pilates practitioners.
During this 45 minutes a history is taken to discuss your specific injuries, conditions, lifestyle factors and most importantly the goals you would like to achieve through participating in clinical pilates.

Your practitioner will take you through a thorough movement analysis coupled with real time ultrasound {link to RTUS page} to assess your core strength, muscle imbalances, weaknesses, strengths, and balance. This assessment is the basis for our practitioners to begin formulating your specialized individual program that aligns with your goals for clinical pilates.

You may receive one or two exercises during this assessment as ‘homework’ to practice until your next consult.

At this stage your practitioner will advise you of how many 1:1 sessions you will require before joining a group class. This can vary due to the complexity of injuries.

Step 2
Private Class 1:1

During your second class you will start to be taught by your practitioner the fundamental movements of clinical pilates. This is based on your needs and goals determined in the previous session. You will begin to learn some of the exercises specifically designed for you.

You may also get some further ‘home work’ after this session to compliment your program.

Step 3
Group Classes

Our group classes are taught by our experienced clinical pilates staff. These practitioners are registered Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, or Exercise Physiologists. Classes have a maximum of 3 people in them and run for one hour. During classes your instructor will teach you your specialized program.

You should find that after 5 classes you are starting to master the movements and by 10 classes start to achieve some of the goals you have made for clinical pilates.

Class times can be viewed and booked here.

Classes may be claimable on Private Health Insurance, depending on your health insurer and level of cover. We also offer a discount for purchasing a package of classes.

Step 4
Review Your Goals

We want to work with you to achieve your clinical pilates goals however large or small they may be!

We track and review your goals at the 5 and 10 week mark of your clinical pilates journey and then create new ones once you have achieved your primary ones.

Step 5
Become A Fan Of Clinical Pilates

Once you start your clinical pilates journey you will hopefully start to understand and feel the benefits! We hope you become a big fan of clinical pilates!

If you have any questions or concerns during your clinical pilates experience please don’t be shy in letting us know.

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View Our Timetable Here

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View Our Timetable - Click Here

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