Mat Pilates

Mat classes at Beyond Blackburn are small group Pilates classes designed to provide a full body workout on the mat! The class focuses on building strength and control from the deep core muscles to help support and stabilise the body throughout movement. Our experienced instructors take the group through a range of exercises, challenging the individual to work with-in their own body and providing modifications to those that need it.

Whether you are a Pilates enthusiast or brand new to the Pilates exercise method, the classes are designed to challenge you. They are a great adjunct to you current Clinical Pilates or exercise regime, adding that little extra session a week to help you to MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

Classes are progressive and diverse, often including the use of small apparatus such as rollers, balls, therabands and magic circles. They run for 55mins with a limit of 6 clients in each class, allowing for maximum personal attention.

Classes are run during the school term and can be purchased on our website. You can either book a class casually or book for the entire term.

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