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What Is Stretch And Release?

Stretch and Release class is a small group class of maximum 6 clients that focuses on stretching, muscle myofascial release and posture.

Over a 60 minute class your instructor will take you through a series of muscular and myofascial release work using items such as rollers, spikey balls and lacrosse balls. This will prepare the body to be able to then stretch those muscles through gentle movement and help you achieve ‘your’ best posture.

This class is designed specifically to people that get tight muscles and stiffness that may be associated with being a desk worker, student studying or a sports enthusiast. Our clients love this class as an alternative to yoga.

This class is the perfect addition to your weekly movement schedule!

Natalie Milverton
Exercise Physiologist
natalie milverton
Nick D’Amelio
Exercise Physiologist
Nick D'Amilleo
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