About Candice

Candice graduated with a double degree from RMIT in 2017, having previously completed a Bachelor of Applied Biological Science.

Candice began her graduate Osteopathic career right here in Ocean Grove.

Chronic headaches
Postural strains
Pre and postnatal

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Candice’s interest in osteopathy stems from her own experience of chronic neck pain and headaches, and as such, takes a particular interest in treating these areas. In addition to this, Candice enjoys treating women through all stages of life, including pregnancy and early motherhood. She has also completed further education in osteopathic treatment for pregnant women.

Candice is a young mother herself. When she isn’t at the clinic she can be found walking her son Remi and exploring the beaches around Ocean Grove. Pre-baby, Candice and her husband Luke loved to travel, and look forward to the day when they can take Remi to see the world.

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