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James has a clinical interest in treating all types of musculoskeletal complaints but more specifically lower backs, shoulders and necks! Throughout James’ 15 years in the Victorian soccer system, he experienced various injuries which ultimately led him onto the path of becoming an Osteopath.

James is in the last semester of his degree and is very much looking forward to transitioning out of Uni and moving into working as an Osteopath. Throughout James’ time at uni in conjunction with completing his Osteopathy degree, he has also completed his Level 1 Dry Needling and Cupping degree!

Acute and chronic lower back pain

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James is passionate in seeking to understand patient’s story, in who they are outside of their complaint and giving them the confidence to be the person they want to be. James loves to work collectively with the patient in recognising where the patient is, where they want to go and joining them on the journey of getting from point A to B on the road to recovery. This is done by encompassing a multifactorial approach in treating his patients by embodying the osteopathic philosophy of holistic care.

Outside the clinic, you’ll find James listening to personal development podcasts, working out in the gym and just experiencing the joys of life with his family and friends by exploring Melbourne’s best restaurants and watching Collingwood!

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