Unleashing the Power of Physiotherapy in Blackburn

Physiotherapy is a powerful tool, a lifeline enabling you to glide through the ebb and flow of life’s challenges. At the heart of Blackburn, nestled close to the Blackburn train station on the bustling Main Street, stands our esteemed Beyond Physiotherapy practice. Our goal as your Blackburn physiotherapist specialists is to help you reclaim your health, reignite your passion, and resume the activities that define your life. We strive to provide an inviting and warm environment where healing, growth, and transformation can take root.

We cater to clients from all walks of life, at different stages of their health journey, each presenting their unique set of conditions. From the young sports enthusiast nursing a sprained ankle to the busy professional struggling with posture-related pain, to the elderly dealing with age-related musculoskeletal problems – we extend our expert services to all. Our physiotherapy team in Blackburn is well-equipped and ready to assist you.

Rest assured that we are highly trained, not just in administering treatment but also in identifying, diagnosing, and managing injuries and conditions. We extend our skills beyond treatment, aiding clients in the challenging phases of pre and post-operative recovery. Our primary objective is to help you regain mobility and return to your loved activities, ensuring you receive comprehensive physio Blackburn services.

Beyond Blackburn Allied Health Clinic location
Beyond Blackburn Physiotherapy Clinic

The Ailments Our Blackburn Physiotherapists Can Address:

Pre & post-surgical rehabilitation: Assisting you in making a smooth transition through surgeries and aiding in a quicker, safer recovery.
Sports injuries: Providing timely and appropriate care for sport-induced injuries, helping athletes return to their peak performance.
Tendinopathies: Treating inflammation and injuries of the tendons, helping you regain strength and function.
Muscular and joint sprains and strains: Alleviating pain and discomfort associated with sprains and strains, helping you reclaim mobility.
Arthritis (GLA:D programs): Delivering specialised programs designed for arthritis patients, improving joint health and quality of life.
Pregnancy-related dysfunctions (pelvic pain and pelvic floor issues): Addressing the unique physical challenges associated with pregnancy, providing comfort and relief.
Dizziness: Identifying and treating underlying causes of dizziness, helping to restore balance and stability.
Knee/ankle injuries: Offering expert care for knee and ankle injuries, promoting optimal healing and recovery.
Chronic pain:
Implementing comprehensive pain management strategies, helping you lead a more comfortable, fulfilling life.

Meet the Beyond Blackburn Physiotherapy Team

Beyond Blackburn Physio Clinic Contact Details

Shop 1/10 Main St, Blackburn VIC 3130
Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 7am–8pm
Friday: 7am–6:30pm
Saturday: 8am–1pm
Sunday: Closed

Beyond Blackburn Physiotherapists


Initial assessment 60 minutes, this includes a medical and physical assessment, treatment and the provision of a management plan.

Almost all clients will need a 30 minute follow up consult to help shape their management program and check diagnosis and progress to ensure we help you achieve your goals.

Wear comfortable clothes to your first appointment.

We accept DVA, TAC, Work Cover, and EPC Medicare programs plus Private Health rebates are available.

You can claim Private Health and Medicare rebate on the day of your appointment if required.

We are located conveniently at 10 Main Street Blackburn a short walk to the Blackburn train station. There are plenty of 2 and 4 hour car parking spaces out the front and opposite the clinic.

We are open Monday-Saturday and have plenty of after hours appointments for your convenience.

We are a cashless business, payment may be made via credit card (Visa & Master Card). We do not normally offer credit on account payment. HICAPS facilities are available for private health insurance claims. Patients may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM), however this must be in place and initiated by a GP before treatment commences.

There is plenty of free car parking out the front and directly across the road from the clinic that varies from one to three hours.

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