Practitioner Profile – Beyond Podiatrists

  1. What’s the most common condition you see as a podiatrist?

Craig: The most common thing that we see is heel pain. This can often most accurately be diagnosed as plantar fasciopathy, plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinopathy. Secondary to this is pain at the ankle following repeat sprains or osteoarthritis changes.

Tom: Another common condition or range of conditions we see as Podiatrists fall under the umbrella of forefoot/ball of foot pain. This particular type of pain can relate to a whole host of issues such as bunion or big toe joint pain, metatarsalgia, neuroma, fat pad atrophy/thinning and many toe related issues.

  1. How often should i see a podiatrist?

Craig: If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain the answer is ASAP! The sooner we identify the problem the quicker we can find a solution. Alternatively if you are often having consistent fatigue in your legs, feet or back an assessment is useful for you as well as for any osteopaths, myotherapists, physiotherapists or chiropractors that you may already see to help guide treatment.

Tom: Immediately! Unfortunately as podiatrists we tend to see patients several weeks or even months down the track with their injuries for the thinking that the pain will go away. Due to many factors, injuries or complaints to the feet tend to linger for some time and therefore it is important to get the advice from a podiatrist as soon as you can to implement the necessary steps involved to reduce your symptoms and improve your situation.

  1. Does everyone get orthotics when they see a podiatrist?

Craig: Not necessarily! The role of an orthotic device is to maximise efficient movement reducing injury risk (and/or increasing the speed of healing). Depending on the injury or complaint this can be achieved through joint mobilisation (increasing movements within your foot and ankle), strengthening as well as changes to activity.

Tom: Certainly not. Podiatry is more than just orthotics and although particular injuries and or conditions do benefit from orthotic devices there is a multitude of alternative options to increase strength and target the complaint.

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