Lauren Wilkins

Lauren Wilkins, Exercise Physiologist

Lauren believes that exercise can be beneficial, safe, and fun for everyone, regardless of their age, health history, or whether or not they have exercised before! She has a particular interest in working with individuals with cancer, osteoporosis, and post-surgery/injury rehabilitation but enjoys working with any person who is seeking to implement exercise into their daily routine.

About Lauren

As an avid sport-lover growing up (athletics, softball, tennis, football, etc!), Lauren has always been passionate about exercise.

Lauren’s involvement in research throughout her undergraduate studies sparked an interest in pursuing a career in Exercise Physiology, after seeing first-hand how exercise provided such great benefit to the research participants (individuals with Prostate Cancer). She has worked in hospital and gym settings over the past few years whilst completing her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as working at the MCG!

Lauren has a keen interest in post-surgery/injury rehabilitation. She understands the process quite well, given she underwent shoulder surgery herself during her debut footy season! Lauren is also driven to work with her clients to help them achieve their goals. She finds great joy in creating exercise programs tailored to her clients’ specific needs and interests so that they can enjoy and maximize the benefits of exercise.

Outside of Beyond, you can find her riding her bike along Beach road, throwing a discus or two at the local athletics track, or creating content for her chickens’ Instagram account!


Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science 
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA)

Available At
Blackburn Clinic
03 8813 0359
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