Ursula Richards

Ursula Richards, Podiatrist

Ursula is an experienced Podiatrist with an interest in sports podiatry, gait analysis, lower limb musculoskeletal injury management, post-operative care and rehabilitation.

About Ursula


Ursula has an extensive Basketball background, having played for the state as well as South Australia’s Premier League and NBL1 competition for many years.

Her participation in elite level sport has shaped a strong interest in this area and forms a greater understanding for managing Musculo-skeletal injuries in athletes. With this, Ursula highly values the holistic nature of managing such injuries and works with fellow colleagues to address patient needs, understanding there is no one size fits all approach with injury management.

Ursula utilises gait analysis, footwear assessment, dry needling, manual mobilisation therapies, shock wave therapy and orthotic intervention as just some of the modalities of assessment and management to address patho-mechanical anomalies.

In conjunction with sports podiatry, Ursula enjoys all aspects of Podiatry including managing nail conditions and relevant nail surgical procedures, diabetic assessments and paediatrics.


Bachelor of Podiatry

Masters of Podiatry

Available At

Windsor Clinic
03 9530 2224

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