Hydrotherapy at Beyond

Our unique approach to rehabilitation includes an individualised exercise program in a warm water pool, maintained at a comfortable temperature between 33-36 degrees celsius.

The warmth of the water is a key advantage for relaxation and pain relief, making it an ideal environment for clients with chronic pain or stiffness. The buoyancy of the water also provides excellent support for clients who have joint pain with full weight-bearing, such as those who have undergone joint replacement surgery.

hydrotherapy at beyond msac 1
hydrotherapy at beyond msac

Our program also uses the resistance of the water to provide controlled and prolonged strength work, which is especially beneficial for clients with muscle weakness or injuries. Additionally, hydrotherapy is an excellent option for clients with balance deficits, providing a safe place to exercise while being held up by the buoyancy of the water, and with one-on-one supervision from our experienced physiotherapists.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation experience that addresses your unique needs, so that you can get back to your daily activities and improve your overall quality of life. We provide hydrotherapy at MSAC in Melbourne. Contact us today to learn more about our physiotherapy hydrotherapy program and how it can benefit you.

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