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Physiotherapy is a significant pillar of the broader healthcare system, with our qualified practitioners providing expert services across Blackburn, Ocean Grove, Hawthorn, Windsor, Newtown and East Melbourne.

Beyond is renowned for its dedicated approach towards restoring, maintaining, and maximising strength, function, and overall wellbeing. Our highly trained professionals specialise in a diverse range of physical therapies, catering to individuals of all ages and health conditions.

Physiotherapy | Beyond
Physiotherapy | Beyond

A Holistic Approach to Sports Physiotherapy in Melbourne

Our physiotherapists are university-qualified allied health professionals who assist people in becoming pain-free and staying active. Our expertise spans a vast range of areas including sports injuries, post-operative care, and general ailments that are hindering your range of motion.

Our physiotherapists utilise a holistic approach encompassing manual therapy, patient education, personalised exercise rehabilitation, and appropriate braces, tapes, or aids to facilitate your journey towards your health goals.

Your physiotherapy journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain. Our team will devise a bespoke treatment plan aligned with your needs and objectives. This could encompass manual therapy, working closely with our physiotherapists in a well-equipped gym, or a home-based exercise program. If necessary, our physiotherapists may refer you for further imaging or to another health professional to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our Physiotherapists Manage a Range of Conditions

Whether it’s rehabilitation following surgery, recovery from a sports injury, or managing chronic pain, Beyond physiotherapy in Melbourne can help. In addition to these, our practitioners also specialise in treating tendinopathies, muscular and joint sprains and strains, arthritis (with our GLA:D programs), pregnancy-related dysfunctions (including pelvic pain and pelvic floor issues), dizziness, and knee and ankle injuries.

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If you’re searching for tailored sports physiotherapy in Melbourne, look no further than our dedicated team at Beyond. We’re committed to helping you ‘Move through life’ with optimal health and wellbeing. Booking an appointment online is the most convenient way to secure the location, practitioner, and time that suits you best.

Trust in our expertise and commitment to provide exceptional care, as we guide you towards a pain-free and active lifestyle. If you’re ready to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your physiotherapy goals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Physiotherapy | Beyond
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