Podiatry in Blackburn, Ocean Grove, Hawthorn, Windsor & Newtown

Podiatrists are Allied Health professionals trained specifically in the lower limb, foot, and ankle. The foot and ankle are some of the most important parts of the body and our Podiatrists are passionate about finding the root of the problem and creating a management plan that best suits your goals.

We do not rush into expensive hard-fitting orthotics for bio-mechanical issues of the feet. We believe that the foot and ankle were meant to move and other measures such as strengthening exercises, correct footwear, and potentially flexible supportive orthotics are a better way to support feet.

Our team uses a range of diagnostics and treatment including doppler ultrasound, Photodynamic Therapy (PACT Fungal Nail Treatment), laser-scanned orthotic devices, running & walking video assessment, shock wave therapy, and 3D pressure sensor assessment.

Beyond | Podiatry

Podiatry may help with:

Plantar fasciosis/ Heel pain
Medial tibial stress syndrome/ shin splints
Footwear management
Forefoot or arch pain
Stress fracture
In growing toenails
CAM walker fitting
Hallux Valgus/ Bunions
Children’s feet
Running technique and efficiency
Arthritic foot pain
Diabetes foot care
Skin and nail conditions
Fungal toenail management
Plantar warts
Corns and callus

Podiatry management may also be beneficial as part of the overall management of more proximal (further up) problems:

Knee pathologies
Hip pain
Lower back pain
ITB friction syndrome

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