Real Time Ultrasound in Blackburn, Ocean Grove, Hawthorn, Windsor & Newtown

Have you ever been told to ‘turn your core muscles on’ and not really been sure what that means or what it feels like? At Beyond we have real-time ultrasound machines that allow us to visually assess your core muscles. This can include pelvic floor muscle assessment.

Our team uses real-time ultrasound as part of the Clinical Pilates assessment but may also use it during Physiotherapy or Osteopathy sessions to help them identify muscular weaknesses and imbalances.

Real time ultrasound is an excellent tool in helping with:

Rehabilitation of lower back pain
Rehabilitation of pelvic pain
Assessment and rehabilitation of pelvic floor issues
Assessment of abdominal muscular function

Many of our clients who participate in Clinical Pilates greatly appreciate actually being able to see their core muscles on a screen and get a better understanding of what activating the ‘core muscles’ feels like.

Real-time ultrasound is a transabdominal scan (we scan around the region of the belly button), you need a partially full bladder to get the best results when assessing the pelvic floor.

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