Best Footy Boots 2016

Start the season off on the right foot – Best Footy Boots 2016!

We see a lot of footballers in our Hawthorn and Windsor clinics, especially at this time of year as training picks up and grounds are generally hard.

One of the best ways to prevent football injuries such as knee pain (PFJ or ITB), shin splits (MTSS), heel pain (plantar fasciitis/fasciosis) and big toe joint pain is to wear the right footy boots.

Footy boots change every season and after reviewing the 2016 footy boot range we have compiled a list of the most comfortable and functional footy boots.

Starting with the lightweight, low-profile footy boots, these are the boots most players prefer to play in. They are flexible, light, and feel great on your foot.

  1. Asics Lethal Testimonial 4
  2. Adidas Messi
  3. Nike Magista Opus
  4. Adidas ACE
  5. Nike Tiempo Legend
  6. Asics Tigreor 9
  7. Adidas Predator Instinct
  8. Asics Lethal Stats 4
  9. Puma King
  10. Asics DS Light X Fly

If it is cushioning you need there are some great footy boots with ample on offer in the midsole, almost like runners. These boots are not as cumbersome as they used to be but can be a bit bulky for some. If you’re covering a lot of km’s during the week on the track these options are great as a training boot to have on rotation… your feet will thank you for it!

The best boot for you will ultimately depend on fit, feel and matching the outsole (tread) to the surface you are playing on.

The best places to go to buy footy boots can depend on what model you need however typically the following stores offer a wide range with competitive prices.

  1. Rebel Sport
  2. A-mart Sports
  3. Sportsmart

If you need any further help with your footy boots, flexible inserts (orthotics) or feet/ankle/shin/knee related issues feel free to contact our Hawthorn or Windsor clinics to book an appointment!

Yours in keeping people active, healthy and happy,

Craig Plumridge

Sports Podiatrist

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