How Beyond can help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

Here at Beyond, we have a fantastic team of practitioners ready to help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE! We offer Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Pilates. Having different practitioners under the one roof enables excellent continuity of care. Our practitioners are able to work together to make sure you’re getting the best treatment and management for your needs.

An example of this would be if you presented to one of our Osteopaths with low back pain. Our Osteopaths are highly skilled in taking a detailed medical history, performing a thorough musculoskeletal assessment and formulating a diagnosis and prognosis. As well as treating the areas of dysfunction we hope to identify the ongoing factors that contribute to your injury. These contributing factors may include:

  • Weak core stability muscles
  • Poor workplace ergonomics
  • Chronic postural dysfunctions
  • Poor foot biomechanics
  • Poor or inappropriate exercise program
  • Chronic muscular tension

Identifying these factors enables us to work with you and our team at Beyond to develop a management plan to help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

Clinical Pilates can be a great way to rehabilitate injuries and reduce the risk of re-injury. Clinical pilates works to improve strength, postural awareness, stability and flexibility. Going back to our example, Clinical Pilates is a great addition to your management plan if you are experiencing lower back pain. Clinical Pilates can assist with the recovery and management of many low back complaints including acute low back injury, chronic low back pain and chronic postural issues.

At Beyond we have a great Podiatry team. When investigating your possible ongoing contributing factors, we consider your body as a whole and assess lower limb biomechanics. If your low back pain could be the result of a compensation from something happening in your feet, our Podiatrists are able to provide the required assessment and management.

Our Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapist are specialised in treating muscles and fascia. If we suspect chronic muscular tension is an ongoing contributing factor to your low back pain, we are able to internally refer our clients for the extra muscle treatment they need.

Our newest addition at Beyond is Exercise Physiology. Exercise Physiology aims to help you rehabilitate injuries, strengthen any weaknesses and keep you active. This could be a great way to reduce the risk of re-aggravating your low back injury as well as improving strength and mobility. At Beyond we offer small group and private Exercise Physiology sessions.

The fantastic thing about having these six modalities at Beyond is we are able to offer you the most appropriate care possible to facilitate the best outcomes for each individual. The Beyond team have a great communication system where we are able to work together to help our clients MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

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