How To De-Stress In December

December often means madness. We are busy rushing around, making sure we have everything organised for Christmas and the school holidays. Our lives begin to revolve around planning food, presents, celebrations and events and we tend to avoid putting some time aside to look after ourselves. With all this running around, we can begin to feel anxious and stressed about the end of the year.  How is it already December? Where has all my time gone? How will I get everything organised in time?

At Beyond, we believe in taking the time to look after ourselves and making sure we feel our best, and the end of the year is the best time to make sure we continue our good habits into the New Year. Some of our favourite ways to achieve mindfulness and de-stress is through Pilates, meditation and manual therapy.  

Clinical Pilates not only ensures you are working to improve your weaknesses by building strength and mobility within our bodies, but also creates mindfulness. This is achieved by bringing awareness to the body, with an emphasis on proper breath, alignment and movement. Pilates has a great therapeutic effect, allowing us to walk out of each class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Some days all it take is 10 minutes of mediation in the morning to clear your head and prepare yourself for the day ahead. “Headspace” is a fantastic app that helps you perform your best throughout the day by giving you life-changing skills of mediation and mindfulness. This allows us to reduce our stress and anxiety and be more present every day whilst also improving sleep. Some days can feel like a whirlwind, and this is the best opportunity to take 60 seconds to achieve clarity and better prepare to handle the demands of the day.

1 minute meditation:

  • Take a seat with your feet on the ground
  • Take a deep breath in, filling your belly with air
  • Feel your body as you inhale
  • Take a slow, long breath out, letting go of any tension in the body as you breath out
  • Follow your breath in and out
  • Allow your attention to come to your belly, your chest or your nostrils
  • Be aware of your body and breath as you breathe in and as you breathe out

As the days get busier and stress begins to build, we often carry this tension through our jaw, head, neck and shoulders. We begin to sit slouched over with our head and shoulders sitting forward and clench our jaw which, often results in headaches and tight muscles. A great way to possibly relieve this tension is to seek manual treatment, whether it be Osteopathy or Myotherapy. Our practitioners treat the individual needs of each person. We work to improve function and decrease tension within the body, allowing better movement. The team at Beyond are here to  educate you with the right tools to help you MOVE THROUGH CHRISTMAS!

December should be filled with happiness, spending time with our loved ones and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Take the time to clear your mind and focus on yourself during this festive season.

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