How to incorporate Well-Being into your life!

Guest blogger Rebecca Hall Health and Well-Being coach from the Wellness Hall treats us to a great article about how to actually incorporate wellness into your life!

Self care is a buzzword that is hot in the wellness world right now. But it shouldn’t be seen as a passing phase like the keto diet or boxacise. You should be looking at it like Pilates and Yoga, here to stay to benefit your health and well-being.

When you care for yourself first, you are able to give so much more of yourself to others too. It may not appear that way – but it is true. The more you sleep, the better you perform at work and become a better  team player, the more you exercise; the longer you live keeping the people that care for you and love you happy! And, the more nutritious foods that you habitually eat – the less likely you are to pass on bad food habits to your children.

Putting yourself first or practicing self care isn’t about being selfish (and it is also not something that is encouraged) It’s not about you letting your family fend for themselves in the morning while you have an hour long bubble bath. It’s not about neglecting responsibilities. But it is about playing the long game in terms of living your best life and feeling great most of the time. You cannot give from an empty cup, and in this instance – you are the cup. You would instinctively try to or help to fill someone else’s, so why not start with your own and you will be able to do everything else that you would like to do with so much more ease.

Putting yourself first means getting 7-8 hours sleep a night, it is getting out in nature and getting some fresh air and being in awe of the natural beauty around you (think walking at sunrise or sunset or along the river to work) putting yourself first doesn’t mean that you don’t care about everyone else around you any less – you just understand the importance of your whole self showing up day in, day out. Taking that lunch break with a friend and catching up with them may perk you up for that important meeting you have a work the next day or put you in a better mood to walk through the front door and greet your spouse later that evening.

Having a scheduled time to move your body, be that golf, Pilates, walk with your dog or a session with a personal trainer is a great way to guarantee that you do something for yourself each week. Meal preparation shouldn’t be seen as a chore – it should be thought of as part of your self care regime. Fuelling your body with nutritious food to help you stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

Understand that asking for help, from friends, a manager or a coach is also an act of self care – knowing that you cannot do all of this by yourself is a form of social self care, just as setting boundaries with people in your life (so that you are not pulled in too many directions or put under too much pressure) is. Having someone who is there in your corner, understanding what you are going through and helping out where they can, lightening the load and pressures of life.

That’s what friends are for – to support you when you need it, your partner will always want you to communicate your fears and when you need more help than usual. And if they are not enough or are under their own pressures then maybe it is time to talk to a coach. When you have physical pain – you turn to an allied health practitioner, so when it comes to your health and well-being, when something is a little off, why not speak to someone that can help you get back on track?

Putting yourself first allows you to be clearer minded in most everyday situations. And having a coach to talk through things can sometimes give you a different or clearer perspective. You can problem solve and bounce ideas off of them, they give you support and hold you accountable for things.

Don’t burn the candle at both ends – you cannot be everything to everyone. It’s just not possible. But if you are the best version of yourself by putting yourself first; doing things like, eating well, sleeping enough, looking after your body, setting boundaries for yourself. If you practice mindfulness, if you reach out for help when necessary, you connect with the important people in your life, manage your stress well or try to be kind to yourself and others for the most part. You will feel a better sense of well-being and show up to your life and for others better.

Put yourself first – you matter.

Rebecca is a personal trainer and health coach with over 6 years experience. Based in Melbourne, she is passionate about educating people on the importance of looking after themselves in order to live a full and rewarding life. Through education Rebecca hopes to empower more people to take charge of their health and well-being by inspiring them to want to become their best self. She believes everyone should have the tools to improve their overall well-being. If you want to get in touch with Rebecca follow this link here

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