What Do You Love About Being An Osteopath?

The thing I love about being an Osteopath is working with each patient to help them achieve their goals and return to the activities they love the most. There is no better feeling than helping someone get back on track and guiding them through their journey as they move through life.   – Caitlyn

Helping people get through their pain and helping them understand the nature of their injury, and empowering them with the knowledge and the tools to MOVE THROUGH LIFE better than when they first walked in the door.

It’s great to be working in a environment that encourages the collaboration between different modalities. This helps us achieve great outcomes and allows the patients to reach their goals and maybe even exceed their own expectations.  – Nick

Where to start. I have definitely drunk the Osteo Kool aid! With research continually evolving and changing you’re continually kept on your toes to develop and progress as a practitioner to offer best patient care.  This along with the benefit of getting to meet patients of all ages and all walks of life makes it an amazing job.  – Shane

Working as an Osteopath has so many fantastic aspects to it! Each day I get to work with lots of fantastic people, getting to know them & working together to help them achieve their goals. Motivating people – be it to just get healthier, increase well being and decease pain, or to reach their exercise goals is all part of being an osteopath. Helping patients along their journey by getting them moving and pain free is really rewarding.

Every body & patient is different, so for each person that comes through the clinic it’s almost like problem solving & putting pieces of the puzzle back together.

I love to educate patients about their bodies! Our bodies are SO amazing! They go through so much in a lifetime from the moment we are born. Educating people helps them to understand  how connected everything is from the inside of their body to the outside, and if everything is in good working order functionally & structurally then the body will be at its very best.  – Sarah


I love that I am constantly learning from my patients.  As an osteopath I have the unique opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t usually come across day to day.  I treat patients of all ages, across all walks of life. Its fascinating learning about other people’s perspectives and what choices they have made to get where they are today. Whether its following someones progress as they train for their first fun run or hearing how someone coped with a challenging life experience, I feel that my job helps me grow as a person.  

Working as an Osteopath also allows me to be part of someone’s journey.  I love being able set goals and management plans to help patients achieve what they are hoping to achieve.  I find it very rewarding being able to watch people reach these goals and helping them work through any hiccups they might have along the way! – Dani

I love being an Osteopath because I am able to work with people everyday to help them improve their musculoskeletal health. I enjoy the challenge of working out the underlying factors contributing to their issue so I can treat and manage the cause, not just the symptoms. This means I am able to give patients tools such as a home based stretching and strengthening program to improve treatment outcomes and help them achieve their goals. Be it returning to sport, being able to play on the floor with their grandchildren or getting through a day at work without neck pain. I love helping my patients MOVE THROUGH LIFE!   – Penny

Helping people, it never gets old! Every patient presents a new challenge, and I love problem solving with them to try and work out why they are in pain, but also to prevent re-injury, and help them with all the aspects of their health and lifestyle that may be contributing to the problem.

By looking at a person’s pain or disability as part of them as a person, we have to get to know that person, how they work, what they enjoy doing, what is going on in their lives- it’s all important, and it’s always interesting. Simply put, I love getting to know my patients!  – Jessie

My favourite part of being an Osteopath is having the chance to cross paths and meet new people coming from all ages and different backgrounds everyday. I love being able to be a part of their journey and hopefully be able to help them get moving again as quick as possible.

The most rewarding part of being an Osteopath is being able to see patients get better and grow.  To be able to follow someone through their injury from start to finish at see them progress each week is a privilege. Helping a patient overcome their challenges and get back to doing what they thought they might not ever be able to do again is why I love what  I do each day!  – Tessa

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