Thought about picking up your tennis racquet lately?

Our best stretches to keep you injury free on the tennis court this summer!

The Beyond team hasn’t been able to turn the tennis off this year! So many amazing athletes who have been training for this Grand Slam for months in preparation. Our Myotherapist Milly Treacy (East Melbourne and Windsor clinics) has been lucky enough to work with the players throughout the tournament this year and be right amongst the action.

Like us, we are sure many of you have been inspired to dust off your tennis racquet and get out on the court! One thing Milly has been able to see first hand is how much preparation the athletes put in off the court. This includes stretching, no one’s favourite thing to do but can save you from pulling up sore the next day!

A few stretches for you to try if you are picking up a tennis racquet this summer are:


Forearm Stretch:

  • Tennis demands a strong and flexible forearm for powerful shots and precise racket control. The forearm stretch helps alleviate tension in the muscles and tendons, enhancing flexibility and reducing the risk of injuries such as tennis elbow. 


Foam Roller Thread the Needle:

  • Tennis players often experience tightness in the shoulders and upper back due to the repetitive nature of their strokes. The Foam Roller Thread the Needle stretch is an excellent way to release tension in these areas, promoting better range of motion and preventing stiffness. This stretch is particularly beneficial for players who engage in powerful serves and overhead shots. 

thread the needle

Spikey Ball Rotator Cuff Release:

  • A well-functioning rotator cuff is crucial for tennis players, as it plays a pivotal role in shoulder stability and mobility. The Spikey Ball Rotator Cuff Release is a targeted stretch using a spikey ball to release tension in the rotator cuff muscles. This stretch aids in preventing shoulder injuries and maintaining optimal performance during intense matches



Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, taking the time to stretch properly can make a significant difference in your tennis game. So, embrace these stretches, watch the attached videos, and continue to keep the spirit of the Australian Open going this summer! 


Team Beyond

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