Benefits of Remedial Massage – Pre and Post Exercise

We all know the feeling of being sore after exercise (especially if you haven’t exercised in a while!) and how we think to ourselves, “I could really use a good massage”. But what are the benefits of getting a remedial massage, and should you get a massage before or after exercise?

Regardless of whether you’re a pro or an amateur, getting regular massages will help to improve your performance and help you to recover faster and with fewer, if any, injuries. However, there are different benefits and treatment styles based on whether you are getting a massage before or after exercise.

Before exercise, your remedial massage therapist will often use a faster-paced massage style to increase blood circulation to your muscles, helping to prepare you for exercise. They may also do some active stretching with you to increase your flexibility and jostle the muscles around to ensure that they are moving as freely as possible. We generally want to avoid going too deep as deep tissue massage can leave you feeling sore, and we want you to feel your best so that you can perform your best while exercising!

After exercise, remedial massage is a different story. If you’ve just completed a major event like a marathon, getting a soft tissue massage immediately after or the next day can help to decrease muscle soreness and facilitate a faster recovery. Or if you can wait a few days after the event, the massage therapist will get deeper into your muscles and focus on any tightness or trigger points that may have developed  (those knots and tight points in your muscles that hurt when you push on them). Relieving this tightness and the trigger points will then allow your muscles to move freely again and reduce any pain that you may be experiencing. You’ll then be ready to take on your next training session.

But what about if you exercise nearly everyday and are always in between exercise sessions?

In that case, your remedial massage therapist will work with you to provide suitable treatment based on your training schedule and needs. However, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours after a deep tissue massage before exercising again. Your muscles will be softer and looser following the massage and you will be more likely to injure yourself, so it’s best to allow your body time to recover and settle from the massage. But if you must train, do the opposite to what you had the massage on. For example, train upper body if you had your legs worked on. But just be careful, remember if you had your back massaged and plan to do a leg day, you shouldn’t do weighted squats because you’re still working your back!

Beyond offers remedial massage at Hawthorn on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and at Windsor on Wednesday and Friday. So whether you are a veteran at exercising or just started exercising yesterday, book in for a massage to help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

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