Circuit Pilates

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What Is Circuit Pilates?

Circuit Pilates is a fun group style of Pilates with a maximum of 5 clients in each class. The nature of the circuit is that you use a variety of Pilates equipment during the 60 minute class to achieve a Pilates style workout.

These classes are designed and run by our allied health team [insert link to movement team]. They are qualified to design programs that will challenge you, help you achieve your goals, all whilst in a safe environment.


Trapeze Table

Wunda Chair

Mat: roller, magic circle, weights, power bands chi ball


Spine Corrector

Balance challenges: Wobble board & Bosu

These classes are not designed to be individually rehabilitative, we would recommend you talk to us about Clinical Pilates if that is what your needs are. Certainly, once you have started your Clinical Pilates and are feeling good then Circuit Pilates is a terrific adjunct to your movement regime.

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