What Is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is assessment and treatment of muscular pain. Myotherapy may help to increase daily movement and decrease pain. Myotherapists use a variety of techniques including:

Deep tissue massage

Trigger point therapy

Dry Needling


Corrective exercises

Why See A Myotherapist?

There are a number of reasons to see a Myotherapist, these include:

Muscular tightness

Sprains, strains, stiffness

Sporting injuries

Postural dysfunction

Headaches & Migraines

Stress and anxiety

Myotherapist are also highly trained in remedial massage techniques

What Should I Expect From a Myotherapy Session?

An initial session includes an overall medical, lifestyle and physical assessment to establish the cause of symptoms. The treatment is hands on using the above techniques and is tailored to your individual wants and needs. Follow-up care may include take-home exercises.


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