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Osteopathy For Pregnancy

//Osteopathy For Pregnancy

Osteopathy For Pregnancy

During Pregnancy the body goes through many postural, hormonal, emotional and functional changes. Osteopaths can assess and treat many of these complaints that may arise during pregnancy.

Common conditions that can arise during pregnancy include:

Through exercise, lifestyle advice and manual therapy your osteopath may help you minimize discomfort throughout the journey of pregnancy.

At Beyond we have special pregnancy equipment that allows pregnant women to lie on their stomachs safely up until the late stages of pregnancy. Our pregnant clients always love being able to come in and safely lie on their stomachs!

Our osteopaths are passionate about helping our clients MOVE THROUGH LIFE during their pregnancy. Many of our practitioners have done further study into treatment for pre and post natal women. Please have a browse through our blog topics related to pregnancy- they may be of interest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Osteopathic Treatment of Children and Babies

April 13th, 2018|

Why Do Babies Need Treatment? They don’t necessarily! Many of our patients choose to bring their newborns in for a ‘once-over’, to address any minor issues that may be present [...]

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Pre And Post Natal Care At Beyond

March 7th, 2018|

Pregnancy is a time of both great excitement and uncertainty for many women, as their bodies grow and change, and they prepare for motherhood and the challenges that lie ahead. [...]

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Why See An Osteopath?

February 20th, 2018|

What is Osteopathy? Osteopaths are primary allied health practitioners who provide manual treatment. We are highly skilled in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal complaints of the entire body. Osteopathy [...]

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Pelvic Girdle Pain

December 22nd, 2016|

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5 Tips For Breast Feeding Posture

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You’re now on maternity leave, have said sayonara to your desk job (at least for the moment) and have a gorgeous little bundle of joy in your arms. This is [...]

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Pregnancy – when and why should I see an osteopath?

September 15th, 2016|

A pregnant woman undergoes many changes during her journey towards having a baby. These changes can be postural, hormonal, emotional, functional or even a simple change to the type of [...]

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