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What Is Clinical Pilates?

Our bodies are made up of various layers of muscles from superficial to deep. Conventional exercise predominantly works our superficial muscles e.g. biceps, hamstrings. Clinical Pilates targets our deep core muscles e.g. pelvic floor, deep abdominals. These deep muscles aid in stability around the joints of the body and are often very weak, leaving our joints vulnerable to injury.

Clinical Pilates is individually specialized exercise programs taught in a small group setting that utilizes the principles, equipment and exercises of traditional pilates and other rehabilitation principles applied with clinical reasoning.

Clinical Pilates aims to improve the body’s control and stability of the abdominal, pelvic floor, diaphragm and deep stabilizing back muscles and to help promote injury prevention.

Clinical Pilates can be used in helping treat and, most importantly, prevent back pain, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, and hip and knee pain. It can also improve posture and muscle tone, provide greater flexibility and increase balance.

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