What Hurts?

What Hurts?2018-11-23T19:27:01+11:00


Find out what types of headaches we may be able to help relieve and what headaches you may need to seek further medical advice on.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain

The jaw is an area of the body that can commonly be injured without you realising. Find out if the Jaw is responsible for your headaches.

Neck Pain

Neck pain

What is causing your neck pain? There can be a variety of reasons for a sore neck, from a disc bulge to a joint sprain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain

The shoulder was designed to have a huge amount of movement in it so we can throw, swim and do the YMCA!

Elbow Pain

Elbow pain

The most common injury you hear about to the elbow is golfer and tennis elbow.

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain

A common site for repetitive strain injuries, the wrist can be a tricky area to treat!

Low Back Pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is as common as the common cold. Find out what the different types of injuries are that can affect the lower back.

Hip and Pelvis Pain

Hip and pelvic pain

The hip, pelvis and lower back are often assessed and treated as one. However, many injuries affect the hip and the pelvis exclusively.

Knee Pain

Knee pain

There are many specific injuries that can affect the knee but often there are issues of the foot and ankle, hip and pelvis.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain

If required, our Podiatrists can assist with many of these ailments or refer you to an appropriate medical professional.