3D Plantar Pressure Assessment

As seen in the above video this assessment technology used by our Podiatrist Craig Plumridge helps analyse the foot’s pressure patterns whilst walking or running.

The benefits of 3D Plantar Pressure Assessment includes:

  • Accurate measurement of the load patterns under your feet as you walk.
  • Measures the pressure barefoot and with shoes.
  • Measures center of pressure as you walk and run.
  • Allows the practitioner to accurately review your progress over time.
  • To link in with the high-speed video assessment to create a complete picture of your walking/running.

This progressive technology can help us to identify the causative factors relating to your foot pain.

You may benefit from a 3D pressure analysis as part of your consultation if you have pain in your feet, ankles, shins or knees.

This 3D pressure assessment is FREE as part of your consultation with our friendly, caring and experienced Podiatrists.

If you would like a pressure foot scan analysis, please give our clinics a call.

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