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What Is P40?

Exercise is highly beneficial for everyone! Benefits of exercise include: Improved muscle strength Improved heart and lung health Diabetes management (including gestational diabetes) Improved mood and reduced stress Improved bone…
physiotherapy and cancer rehabilitation

Physiotherapy And Cancer Rehabilitation

How can physiotherapy assist cancer rehabilitation? At Fitwise Physiotherapy, we are proud to have certified PINC cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists and lymphoedema practitioners. Along with the best quality medical treatment, we…
what is osteoporosis?

What Is Osteoporosis?

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is decreased bone density, or weak bones. It can lead to brittle bones, which increases your chance of fractures, particularly if you have had falls in…
what is tennis elbow?

What Is Tennis Elbow?

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Tennis elbow is the common term used for pain experienced on the outside of the elbow resulting from pathology in the wrist extensor tendons.  Our understanding of this condition has…