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Exercise During Pregnancy

Dr Penny White (Osteopath) During pregnancy a woman's body goes through an incredible transformation. In the absence of any contraindications, regular exercise during pregnancy can help support your body throughout pregnancy and post-partum. It can [...]

Help! I Woke Up & Can’t Move My Neck!

By Dr Victoria Chambers (Osteopath) It’s happened again! You’ve woken up and can’t move your neck. Maybe it came on slowly. You noticed your neck getting tighter over the last couple of weeks. You asked [...]

Tips On Staying Fit During Winter

Game of Thrones has had us talking about winter for the last few years but now winter is well and truly here! The colder months can see us head into hibernation and begin to move [...]

How Often Should I Change My Exercise Program?

The importance of variation - Nick D’Amelio Exercise Physiologist You have a training goal; get fitter, get stronger, lose body fat/weight, gain muscle/weight, improve performance, improve function, improve mental health or some combination of all. [...]

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Nick D’Amelio Exercise Physiologist And some quick and easy things to try at home to help settle it down Low back pain is one of the most common injuries we see at Beyond. Often it’s [...]