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The Benefit Of Exercise For Kids!

Natalie Milverton - Exercise Physiologist Movement matters for everyone, at every stage of life, none more important than childhood. We know that childhood is a time for significant growth and development that can set the [...]

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

Dr Nick O’Connor Osteopath Does your shoulder wake you at night when sleeping on it? Can’t find a comfortable position to lay or sit in?  Trouble putting your shirt or jumper on in the morning? [...]

FAQs Osteopathy

FAQs Osteopathy - We ask our Osteopath Josh what some of the most FAQs are that he gets in the treatment room.   Dr Josh Boak (Osteopath) What is Osteopathy? Let’s start off with probably the [...]

Exercise During Pregnancy

Dr Penny White (Osteopath) During pregnancy a woman's body goes through an incredible transformation. In the absence of any contraindications, regular exercise during pregnancy can help support your body throughout pregnancy and post-partum. It can [...]

Help! I Woke Up & Can’t Move My Neck!

By Dr Victoria Chambers (Osteopath) It’s happened again! You’ve woken up and can’t move your neck. Maybe it came on slowly. You noticed your neck getting tighter over the last couple of weeks. You asked [...]