Beyond Green, Our Commitment to the Planet


The medical industry has a significant impact on the environment through various means. One of the primary contributors is the substantial amount of waste generated by healthcare facilities. This includes medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, single-use plastics, and packaging materials. Improper disposal of these materials can lead to pollution and harm to wildlife.

Additionally, the industry is a major consumer of energy, often relying on non-renewable sources to power hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. This high energy consumption contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbating climate change. The transportation of medical supplies and waste further adds to the carbon footprint.

Efforts to mitigate these impacts include adopting sustainable practices such as reducing waste through recycling programs, utilising energy-efficient technologies, and promoting the use of renewable energy sources. Additionally, proper disposal and treatment of medical waste and pharmaceuticals are essential to minimise environmental contamination.

The medical industry must balance its crucial role in public health with the need to adopt environmentally friendly practices to reduce its ecological footprint. Through concerted efforts, it is possible to mitigate the adverse environmental impacts while continuing to provide essential healthcare services.

At Beyond, we recognise the importance of protecting our planet for future generations. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is not just a statement; it is an integral part of our daily operations and organisational decisions. We strive to demonstrate that our environmental initiatives are genuine and not a mere exercise in “greenwashing.” In this blog, we delve deeper into our sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives, showcasing our commitment to the planet.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of Beyond’s operations. We are dedicated to continuously reviewing and improving the sustainability of our products and practices. This commitment starts with the selection of our products and suppliers. We adhere to strict criteria to ensure that:

  • Ethical Sourcing: The raw materials in our products are sourced and manufactured in facilities that uphold high environmental standards and are free from modern slavery.
  • Eco-friendly Products: We choose products that won’t cause harm to people or ecosystems upon disposal.
  • Recyclable Packaging: Our packaging can be recycled or is made from recycled materials.
  • Local Support: We prioritize and support locally-made products whenever possible.
  • Green Building Practices: Our building design and heating and cooling practices are as green as possible, minimizing our carbon footprint.

These criteria help us ensure that every product we use and every supplier we partner with aligns with our sustainability values.

Eco-friendly Initiatives

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond products and suppliers. In our clinics, we have implemented several initiatives to minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact.

  • Recycling Practices: We have established comprehensive recycling practices, including in-treatment room recycling protocols, to minimize waste.
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Products: We have transitioned to eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce the presence of harmful chemicals in our environment.
  • Reduction of Single-use Items: We are actively reducing single-use wipes and towels, balancing the need for hygiene with our environmental responsibility.
  • Repurposing Materials: Any towels we no longer need are repurposed and donated to local animal shelters.
  • Sustainable Marketing: We always use 100% recycled material for our marketing printing and offer digital alternatives.

These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to making tangible changes that benefit the environment.

Highlighting Our Eco-friendly Partners

To further illustrate our commitment to sustainability, we partner with companies that share our environmental values. Here are a few of the great products that are helping us reach our planet commitment:

  • Zero Co– An Australian eco-cleaning product company that keeps our bathrooms sparkling clean without harmful chemicals.
  • Koh– An amazing surface spray that fights germs in an eco-friendly way.
  • Who Gives a Crap– A toilet paper company that uses sustainable materials to help change the world, one roll at a time.
  • Skipper (formerly Tirtyl)- A company that provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions to help us wipe up without harming the environment.

These partnerships highlight our dedication to supporting companies that prioritise sustainability and ethical practices.

Our Commitment

We understand the skepticism that often surrounds corporate sustainability claims, with many organizations accused of “greenwashing.” At Beyond, we ensure our actions speak louder than words. Our commitment to the environment is genuine, and we also acknowledge it is something we need to continue to work on.

We continuously review and improve our environmental practices to ensure they remain effective and aligned with the latest sustainability standards. We engage with our community to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage sustainable practices. Our efforts are not just about meeting compliance requirements but are driven by a deep-seated belief in the importance of protecting our planet.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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