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What is the Beyond story?

Beyond began in the aisle of a Coles Supermarket in 2010 when Founding Director, Michelle Funder & Shane Bennett who had been classmates throughout their Osteopathic University course ran into each other for the first time in 5 years after graduating. Both Michelle and Shane had their own Allied Health Practices and got chatting about the challenges of running their business and the complexities of the industry.
An idea was born that day based on helping their communities and team to “move through life.”
They knew the key to success was creating the best possible team of practitioners. In the Private Practice Allied Health Industry there are often only two options, work for someone or own a business. There was a distinct lack of career progression and opportunity. They knew they had to create opportunities to attract the team they wanted to help communities to move through life.
They had a clear vision that they wanted to redefine the way modern health care is delivered. They wanted to push the boundaries of clinic design, technology, services, and client experience.
To achieve their goals they knew they needed to grow, over the 12 years they have built a close-knit team of 50 practitioners across their clinics, in Melbourne (Hawthorn, Blackburn, and Windsor), Ocean Grove, and Geelong.

Why did you decide to open your latest clinic in Newtown?

The real driver for opening up Beyond Newtown was to help realize our now Clinic Director Dan Ioannidis’ dream. Shane met Dan in late 2019 and over a coffee catch up knew that Dan and Beyond’s visions were perfectly aligned. Dan, an ambitious Osteopath who was part of the Geelong community already having worked at the Geelong Football Club for 11 years, expressed that he had always wanted to open a clinic in Geelong. Shane discussed with Dan the support structures that Beyond had in place to help create opportunities like this and Dan was in.

Dan took the plunge and joined our Ocean Grove clinic as a senior practitioner, completed the Beyond Mentoring Program and became a Mentor to junior team members, took over a maternity leave position as Clinic Director at Ocean Grove, and was an integral part of our Newtown project during development, Dan became a shareholder in the Beyond business and joyously opened the doors as Clinic Director in Newtown on May 11th, 2022. Quite simply we opened Beyond Newtown to provide career opportunities (and yes it has been a busy few years for Dan!)

What services does Beyond Newtown Offer?

Beyond Newtown offers a range of allied health services to help you achieve your health goals, including:
Osteopathy, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage Therapy, and Infrared Sauna. We are currently taking applications for our Physiotherapy role at this clinic and encourage anyone to apply if this article resonates with you.

How is modern health care changing?

Modern health care is all about empowering the client. Gone are the days of poor bedside manner. As we evolve, modern health care is focused on providing the best client experience possible. This may be represented in advancements in technology such as apps, apple watches, or diagnostic tools but also in the way we communicate and educate our clients. Being ‘client-focused at every touch point of a client’s journey is essential to getting the best health outcomes.

Explain the significance of your ‘Move Through Life’ motto

‘Move Through Life is the filter we run all of our decisions through. We want our community (clients) to move through life, do more of what they love and be pain-free. We also want our team to ‘move through life’ to have opportunities in their career to help fulfill their desires both at work and outside of work.

How does your Newtown clinic reflect this philosophy?

As you enter Beyond Newtown you are elevated to a space of calm, beauty, and composure. A space for everyone to achieve their health goals. The interplay of the beautiful movement studio, infrared sauna, generous light-filled treatment rooms, a welcoming and calm reception area, and the movement of practitioners and clients throughout the space reflects our philosophy.

You have strong ties to the Geelong Football Club, but Beyond isn’t just about helping elite athletes, is it?

Dan Ioannidis has worked with the athletes at the Geelong Football Club for 11 years now and loves working in that high-performance environment. At Beyond Newtown we work with a range of clients, from athletes at any level to people of all ages and conditions. We have a range of practitioners with a wide range of clinical interests to help suit all of our community.

What is the best thing about being a Beyond Client?

At Beyond we are purely focused on client-focused care. From every touch point, you have with us at Beyond, we want to make your experience a positive one. From our beautifully designed clinic to the comprehensive patient management packs that our clients recieve, you will feel empowered to understand your injuries and how to get back to their goals, we always want our clients to feel supported and cared for. We also think our team is full of extraordinary practitioners.

How can people make an appointment?

If you would like to see one of our team members you can call 5202 4804, or alternately book online at


This ‘Spotlight’ was feature in the Geelong Advertiser on Saturday June 18th 2022.

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