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Nick Q and A On Cycling

If you are lucky enough to have met our Senior Osteopath Nick McEniry, you would know he is passionate about cycling and more importantly the bikes that come with it! Nick took the time to [...]

Victoria Chambers Q And A

What have you been up to for the past 1.5 years? I have been living in Toronto, Canada, working at an elite multi-disciplinary sports clinic with a range of athletes, from ex-professional sports players and [...]


Natalie Milverton - Exercise Physiologist Amber Higgins - Clinical Pilates Instructor (Myotherapist) How does your work play a part in Beyond's model of helping clients MOVE THROUGH LIFE?  Nat: As an Exercise Physiologist, I am [...]

A little about Jessie Wood

How can osteopathy help in women’s health issues? Osteopathy can be beneficial at any stage in a woman’s life, and the types of issues that women present with are many and varied. I treat a [...]

Practitioner Profile – Caroline

Why did you study Exercise Physiology? I grew up on the ‘Island State’ otherwise known as Tasmania and spent nearly every second I could on the water.  My father is a well known sailor and [...]

Practitioner Profile Josh Dawson

When you were studying, what was your worst and best habit? Worst habit: Definitely leaving things to the last minute... Whether it was preparing study notes for a class, completing tutorial questions or studying for [...]